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Collections Recovery: Reducing Your DSO

The most common challenge for suppliers selling products and services to businesses on open terms is the recovery of invoiced receivables within a timely manner. DSO or “days outstanding” refer to the average number of days an invoice is actually paid regardless of the net terms actually sold. In today’s cash strapped business environment, many companies aren’t paying their invoices […]

Trade Credit Insurance: Common Misconceptions

There are many significant advantages of trade credit insurance. Some major benefits include cash flow protection, opportunities for sales expansion, enhanced financing availability, asset securitization, and direct access to expert credit information on businesses worldwide. While trade credit insurance is an extremely valuable tool for businesses selling on open terms, there are a few misconceptions about the product requiring further […]

Accounts Receivable Financing: Immediate Cash Flow

Most people following the financial markets know that since the banking crisis hit our country, the banking industry and capital markets have changed the way they do business.Today, it’s a bit more difficult for corporations to borrow or obtain open lines of credit as they did in the past.  Many companies are unable to qualify for traditional bank lending due […]

Borders Credit Put Option – AR Put – Receivables Put – Bankruptcy Protection

Borders Credit Put Option – AR Put – Receivables Put – Bankruptcy Protection | Trade Risk Strategies: 1-844-315-4985 

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Borders ‘just trying to stay alive,’ analyst says

The holiday shopping season may determine whether financiers are willing to help Borders Group Inc. get the credit it needs […]