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Credit Insurance New York

Credit Insurance New York

Are you a New York business looking for credit insurance?  You’ve come to the right place — we’re New York based credit insurance experts!

You’ve Made The Sale – Now Guarantee The Payment!

Making the sale is only part of the equation – getting paid is the other.  But with the current economic crises in full swing, payment defaults are at an all time high. Insolvencies, credit crunches, bankruptcies… all are taking their toll on the timely receipt of receivables due.

If your New York business is among the many trading on open terms, there is no better time than now for protecting your cash flow from losses due to customer default or non-payments.

Accounts Receivable – An Integral Part of Every Balance Sheet

Your credit decisions directly affect a number of critical business functions, especially cash flow, profitability, and loss avoidance.  Make just one mistake, or misjudge one key account, and your bottom line could be facing disastrous consequences.

On the other hand, restrict your credit too tight, and your trading partners will take their business (and their money) elsewhere.

Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place!

Considering the vital importance of maintaining a steady cash flow, it’s a wonder accounts receivable are still one of the last major assets a company will leave uninsured.

Practically Eliminate Bad Debt Risk – Both Domestically and Internationally

By using our properly structured credit insurance policy, companies like yours can greatly minimize the risk of non-payment losses.

No longer worried about if and when you’ll be paid, you can concentrate on what’s important:  Freely selling to both new and existing customers, domestically and internationally, without worry or fear of defaults.

Credit Insurance Benefits

  • Avoiding Catastrophic Bad-Debt Losses
  • Risk Protection against Slow Payers, Non-Payers, Bankruptcies & Political Upheavals
  • Reducing or Entirely Eliminating Bad-Debt Reserves
  • Safely Expanding Your Sales to New & Existing Markets
  • Eliminating Letters of Credit
  • Preferred Bank Financing & Increased Lines of Credit
  • Reduces Your Collection Costs
  • Maintains Investor Confidence in Your Company – and Your Judgment!

Start Insuring Your Crucial AR Assets Today!

Without credit insurance, if disaster strikes… it’ll be too late.

Don’t wait for the worst to happen. One quick phone call to our New York office will get you started: 1-844-315-4985. 

Or, if you prefer, just fill out our on-line form to the right and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you.

Be proactive – and be secure.

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