Business Intelligence

Maximize your business decisions, minimize your risk

business-intelligence Every day you make key business decisions – backed up with cash, credit and even the life of your business.

To help you make the most successful decisions possible when extending credit to a new customer, we provide direct access to critical credit and other business financial information you wouldn’t have otherwise.

In today’s volatile economy, you must know with confidence if your customers are worthy of credit from your company. Otherwise,  you cannot gauge the business credit risk accurately, leaving your decisions relying on guesswork.

You can’t rely on the standard methods of credit research alone. No matter how good a company looks on paper, you have no conventional way to identify the risk of financial difficulty in the future.  It’s not simply a matter of understanding the data itself; you must understand what the data means for your company.

Don’t cripple your business. Without business intelligence services to empower your credit decisions, it’s just a matter of time before a bad decision bites back, and bites back hard.

Enter Business Intelligence

With cutting edge business intelligence products recommended by Trade Risk Strategies, you can instantly access key credit information and leverage industry credit experts to instantly evaluate business credit risk with the accuracy of a seasoned, professional underwriter.

Through our advanced web-based subscription service that includes business credit monitoring, credit opinions, credit reports, and more, we offer you direct access to real-time credit ratings on over 50 million debtor credit decisions worldwide. Veteran credit industry professionals with in-depth knowledge of the business assign these credit ratings to assess each business on an ongoing basis with the latest real-time information.

The Bottom Line
This level of information equips you with the best, most up-to-date and most reliable business intelligence to make the most successful business decisions in any situation.

Use this information to minimize the risk of both:

1. Non-payment when you extend credit to a risky customer, and

2. Credit denials that mean not just a lost sale, but a lost customer.

What you buy is advanced business credit information; what you get is the surety of the best business intelligence services available.

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Consider the Benefits

  • Establish proper credit limits
  • Minimize risk
  • Prevent fraud
  • Improve the accuracy of business forecasts
  • Utilize detailed financial and credit reports, updated in real-time
  • Maximize customer relationships
  • Be alerted before a crisis develops
  • Proactively capture business opportunities
  • Easy access through a web-based portal


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Business Credit Reports

Trade Risk Strategies is affiliated with Experian, providing business credit reporting, business credit scoring & business credit monitoring to our clients. Our affiliation offers a robust annual subscription on business credit reports for the fraction of the price of other companies. You will have access to more than 27 million credit active businesses to learn the credit worthiness of customers, suppliers, or partners, instantly.

Our relationship with Experian allows you the purchase of volume reports. For only $2,990 annual subscription, you may access up to 60 business reports per month, having access to the following information on a business:

  • Business Background Information
  • Comprehensive Financial Information
  • Credit Risk Factors
  • Banking, Trade & Collection History
  • Past Liens, Judgements, Business Registrations & Bankruptcies
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

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