Commercial Collections

Collect more funds, faster and friendlier

CB023958Subtlety, tact, and sensitivity. Most people don’t associate those words with the collections industry. And yet, they’re the exact qualities that enable Trade Risk Strategies, in partnership with worldwide industry leaders, to recover delinquent accounts faster, more efficiently, and in greater quantity.

Most commercial collections companies care only about getting the money, no matter what the cost. But frequently, getting the money comes at too high a price, and not just monetary.

Few debt collection recovery services appreciate or respect the degree of diplomacy required to preserve your reputation and customer relationships.

Rather than a harsh and unforgiving collections recovery service, our programs become an extension of your own business. We combine mastery of debt collection technology with advanced communication, negotiation and persuasion skills.

Enter Commercial Collections

We utilize the latest technology and techniques in the collections industry.  You will find everything from advanced skip-tracing tools to a worldwide network of local private investigators. We work closely with your business and financial institutions like banks, credit bureaus, financial reporting companies, and government entities — always working with the latest information for the best, most effective and most responsive action.

Our people are sophisticated, highly educated professionals trained to be sensitive to both you and your customers, specifically to the needs of those facing delinquencies. We defy the image of the heavy-handed, threatening and unyielding collections agent.

Technology advances give us an edge, but it’s our ability to communicate, interact and work with people that enables our success.

The Bottom Line

Unpaid accounts pose one of the biggest risks your business faces. If you’re not paid fairly for services or products
sold, your business can suffer anything from a cash crunch to bankruptcy.

Professional commercial collections recovery from Trade Risk Strategies and our partners allows you to leverage
our technical expertise and understanding of debtor psychology. By outsourcing this task, your staff can concentrate
on the core competencies of your business.

The proven result: more funds collected, faster, and friendlier.

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Consider the Benefits


  • Save your staff time, and leverage our expertise to improve your own internal efficiency
  • Increase cash flow by collecting funds sooner, and benefit overall profit
  • Reduced days outstanding (DSO) and obtain fast cash recovery


  • You’re in control – customized solutions exclusive to your needs
  • You can monitor / access collections activities and progression your delinquent accounts at any time, free of charge
  • Benefit with personalized attention & a high level of responsiveness to your needs
  • Expert procedures ensure the most appropriate action is always taken, while utilizing safeties to prevent inappropriate actions that could damage key customer relationships
  • Utilize a worldwide collections network with local investigators


Let Trade Risk Strategies help you collect lost funds. Fill out the form to the right or call us today at 1-844-315-4985 for a custom, one-on-one consultation.


Business Credit Reports

Trade Risk Strategies is affiliated with Experian, providing business credit reporting, business credit scoring & business credit monitoring to our clients. Our affiliation offers a robust annual subscription on business credit reports for the fraction of the price of other companies. You will have access to more than 27 million credit active businesses to learn the credit worthiness of customers, suppliers, or partners, instantly.

Our relationship with Experian allows you the purchase of volume reports. For only $2,990 annual subscription, you may access up to 60 business reports per month, having access to the following information on a business:

  • Business Background Information
  • Comprehensive Financial Information
  • Credit Risk Factors
  • Banking, Trade & Collection History
  • Past Liens, Judgements, Business Registrations & Bankruptcies
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

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