Credit Insurance

Protect & promote your profit

One of your biggest customers defaults on their payments.

Suddenly $2,000,000 in invoices goes unpaid.

Accounts Receivable that go unreceived hit your bottom line hard. Not only do your numbers sink into the red, you lose cash flow and stop your company’s growth in its tracks.

Even minor delinquencies and payment defaults can impact cash flow and profitability, reflect poorly on your company’s performance to investors, and add up over time.

Even worse, these risks – particularly in volatile and depressed markets – go both ways:

1)  A bad risk leads to catastrophic losses, and your business takes a hit or even folds.

2)  At the same time, excessively restrictive credit guidelines prevent new growth, and your business stagnates, or worse, can’t keep up with the competition.

You just can’t win.

Enter Credit Insurance

Whether you know it as credit insurance, accounts receivable insurance, or trade credit insurance, one thing is for certain – payment defaults can cost your company big.

It doesn’t matter if your risk is concentrated or spread among many clients, or even if you don’t see much risk at all. Half of all payment defaults occur with customers with established trade relationships.

Or you may dismiss existing risk as unavoidable, part of the cost of doing business, but you are costing yourself unnecessary dollars when you make this assumption.

The Bottom Line

Credit Insurance not only protects your profit, it enables you to grow it. Boost your bottom line and please your shareholders.

You may even find that the policy pays for itself through additional sales and increased borrowing power.

What you buy is Credit Insurance: what you get is peace of mind and profit protection.

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Consider the Benefits

Protect Your Business

  • Indemnify your company against catastrophic bad-debt losses from unpaid invoices
  • Protect yourself against slow payments and customer bankruptcy
  • Protect precious cash flow and balance sheet strength
  • Relieve concentration risk
  • Reduce collections costs
  • Protect against the political risk of a foreign government impacting your client’s ability to pay

Profit Your Business

  • Increase sales in existing markets, and expand to new markets, with little to no risk
  • Open foreign markets
  • Obtain preferred bank financing:
    • Banks are more willing to extend lines of credit when you’re insured against these losses – mitigating these risks means you’re less risky
    • Borrow more, and borrow more frequently
    • Obtain better borrowing terms

Practice Smart Business

  • Credit Insurance premiums are tax deductible
  • Make the smartest business decisions with expert Credit Insurance underwriters
  • Underwriting expertise
    • Fast decisions, which could be the difference between a sale or a loss
    • Specializing in country -and trade-specific business lines – which is specially useful for international customers, whose risk and credit worthiness is much more difficult to ascertain
    • Maintain investor confidence and reduce the possibility of shareholder legal action
    • Credit Insurance does not guarantee Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, but it helps avoid catastrophic credit losses that the government may interpret as a misstatement of earnings, and provides expert third-party credit opinions that can substantiate business decisions.

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Business Credit Reports

Trade Risk Strategies is affiliated with Experian, providing business credit reporting, business credit scoring & business credit monitoring to our clients. Our affiliation offers a robust annual subscription on business credit reports for the fraction of the price of other companies. You will have access to more than 27 million credit active businesses to learn the credit worthiness of customers, suppliers, or partners, instantly.

Our relationship with Experian allows you the purchase of volume reports. For only $2,990 annual subscription, you may access up to 60 business reports per month, having access to the following information on a business:

  • Business Background Information
  • Comprehensive Financial Information
  • Credit Risk Factors
  • Banking, Trade & Collection History
  • Past Liens, Judgements, Business Registrations & Bankruptcies
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

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