Accounts Receivable Financing

Cash in on your hidden collateral

Are you in the business of loaning money to your customers interest-free?

Most likely you are without even realizing it.

When you extend credit terms to a customer to pay with 30, 60, 90, or 120 day terms, you’re essentially making and interest-free short term loan. This impacts your cash flow, preventing you from reinvesting in your company in a timely manner, and prolonging the debts on your balance sheet (all while accruing interest).

Meanwhile, your customers can sit on their invoices without compensating you for the delay.  Everyday an invoice goes unpaid, the risk of delinquency and default increases.

The average turnover for accounts receivable is 45 days — which is 45 days too long for a loan that isn’t paying you any interest.

Enter Accounts Receivable Financing

With accounts receivable financing, also known as factoring,  you are paid cash to acquire all or part of your Accounts Receivable. You can enjoy immediate cash without having to wait for your customers to pay you.  All without assuming risk and avoiding in- house collections activity.

You can finance all or just part of your receivables. Our program is customized to your business’ specific and individual needs.

The Bottom Line

Accounts Receivable Financing converts receivables into cash. Free up working capital to reinvest in your business and boost your bottom line.

Montetizing your Accounts Receivable can also fill the gap in obtaining regular bank financing, which takes longer and can be difficult to qualify for. Meanwhile, you no longer have to worry about servicing the invoices or dealing with the delinquencies or defaults.

What you buy is Accounts Receivables Financing; what you get is greater business flexibility and a more attractive bottom line.

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Consider The Benefits

  • Immediate access to cash: improve cash flow and free working capital
  • Guaranteed payment: you pass off the risk of delinquencies and defaults
  • Unrestrictive use of funds: it’s not a loan, it’s your money. Reinvest in your business and your bottom line.
  • Improve your appeal to customers: offer longer, more attractive payment terms to your customers. You may even garner new business as a result.
  • Pass off collections: financing company assumes responsibility for dealing with any invoicing issues.
  • Quick and easy processing: Utilize electronic deposits, with no need to change your current invoicing or servicing system.


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Business Credit Reports

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  • Business Background Information
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  • Credit Risk Factors
  • Banking, Trade & Collection History
  • Past Liens, Judgements, Business Registrations & Bankruptcies
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

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