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Accounts Receivable Financing: Immediate Cash Flow

Accounts Receivable Financing: Immediate Cash Flow

Most people following the financial markets know that since the banking crisis hit our country, the banking industry and capital markets have changed the way they do business.Today, it’s a bit more difficult for corporations to borrow or obtain open lines of credit as they did in the past.  Many companies are unable to qualify for traditional bank lending due to stricter borrowing requirements, making it a challenge for these companies to satisfy their funding needs. Other hurdles to overcome include lenders requiring their clients to bring their available credit lines current, making it difficult for these businesses to access cash as conveniently as before.

Even with fewer financing options available today for businesses, the good news is there are alternatives. Companies can now obtain the cash they need without the restrictions imposed upon them from the banking community by simply leveraging their accounts receivable for an immediate, ongoing influx of cash.

Accounts Receivable Financing, also called Factoring, is a great option for companies who wish to leverage their accounts receivable assets to obtain ongoing cash advances without having to wait 30, 60, 90, 120 days, or even longer, to get paid from their customers. In fact, depending on the program chosen, the cash advanced for each receivable is fully guaranteed by the financingcompanyregardless of whether the customer fulfills their obligations.

The beauty of this type of receivables program, in addition to the cash, is that the collections efforts if each receivable is automatically transferred to the accounts receivable financing company, allowing businesses the opportunity to focus on their core competencies and not have to worry about the inefficient results of the collections process. Imagine that for a second – companies who finance their receivables are no longer responsible for chasing after their customers for payment.  Revolutionary.

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