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2017 Business Bankruptcy Filings in the USA

2017 Business Bankruptcy Filings in the USA

2017 Business Bankruptcy Filings per month in the USA:

January – 2,839
February – 2,865
March – 3,713
April – 3,360
May – 3,626
June – 3,426
July – 2,886
August – 3,255

For those extending credit terms to businesses, be sure to check their financial situation using business credit reports before taking the risk of potential default.

Trade Risk Strategies is affiliated with Experian, providing business credit reports, business credit scoring & business credit monitoring to our clients. Our affiliation offers a robust annual subscription on business credit reports for the fraction of the price of other companies. You will have access to more than 27 million credit active businesses to learn the credit worthiness of customers, suppliers, or partners, instantly.

Our relationship with Experian allows you the purchase of volume reports. For only $2,990 annual subscription, you may access up to 60 business credit reports per month, having access to the following information on a business:

  • Business Background Information
  • Comprehensive Financial Information
  • Credit Risk Factors
  • Banking, Trade & Collection History
  • Past Liens, Judgements, Business Registrations & Bankruptcies
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

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